Spare Parts

Mar-T and Chip are two robots stranded on a plant by the Krofax, and alien race The planet is a veritable junkyard of parts and during their journeys they find a spacecraft with an exeedingly helpful shipboard computer called Con-Rad. Con-Rad helps them discover parts to get the ship working again and ultimately escape the planet. As they run around the maps Mar-T and Chip discover other robots to free, many parts for the ship and upgrades for themselves.

Another characters, Krung, is fighting against them as he desires to capture Con-Rad for his own purposes. As the story progresses Mart-T, Chip and Con-Rad are faced with even more challenges as Lord Krung fights back.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is Spare Parts – A quirky platform game for the PS3 and XBoX 360. One of the more notible features of this game is its celebrity voice over for Con-Rad in Simon Pegg. (Yeup Shaun of the Dead). The game looks good, sounds good and has a storyline thats not entirely cheese and pickles on toast. Being a platformer this does suffer a little from the usual 6 year old with a handycam syndrome, but its by in large fine and not the worst camera handling system around. The fight sequences are ok too, not too mind boggling, yet enough to keep kids happy and pottering along.

And thats just it, this is not a bad kids platformer. The game does support multiplayer cooperative mode, however with out any players online i couldnt test it. Apparently the game really comes into its own with alot attention to detail paid in the co-op modes.

All up this is a fun little platformer that wont break the bank, and will provide the kids (under 10) a bit of fun on a rainy day.


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