Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

I loved Sleeping Dogs when it was first released on the 360. A GTA game that had it’s roots in the True Crime series, the game was all about Hong Kong action, where had to had combat, and using the environment to maximum potential was more important than having a shit load of guns. It was different enough from GTA to be a fresh, fun game. But would a shiny new look be enough to get me back to play it ion the XBox One.

Well to start off, thsi was the Definitive Edition, so it comes with all 24 DLC addons that I hads to played on the 360, so even if going all Jackie Chan on some poor suckers arse wasn’t enough of a draw for me, the new content would definitely be of interest.

But even though I knew the storyline, knew the missions, knew what parts of the game I would hate or love, I was still wanting to push further into the story.

I think it’s the gritty had to had combat, the finishing moves, the sheer satisfaction of knowing that someone is not going to get up and walk again after you’ve finished with him, and you didn’t have to resort to emptying a clip into him.

The visual upgrades are great, pushing the game to be all that it can, backed up by the great storytelling of the original. If you’ve played the original, and loved it, you might find the same joy as you did on the 360, but if you have never played Sleeping Dogs, then this is a must have game.

Reviewed on: XBox One

Rating: R18 Violence, sexual themes and offensive language.

Reviewed by: Jonathan



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