Singstar Ultimate Party

Singstar pretty much owned the console based karaoke trend during the last generation of machines. Over a series of titles, Sony managed to get everyone singing along and having fun. But then for some reason, party games went out of vogue an nothing was released, until now, with the PS4’s debut Singstar game, Ultimate Party.

In the past, every new Singstar game looked and played pretty much the same as it’s predecessor. With the exception of having and updated playlist, or a band focused playlist. And that’s pretty much all that anyone required of the game.

And so it is with Ultimate Party, with a few noticeable changes. To begin with, it’s a slightly trimmed down version of Singstar with some of the singing modes gone. Not that this is much of an issue. The biggest problem for me was going to be locating my old PS3 mics and hoping they worked in the PS4. Fortunately I didn’t have to, as Ultimate Party comes with a handy dandy little app, that can turn your smart phone into a mic. This worked well on my daughter’s Samsung phone, and worked ok on my wife’s iPad (the mic however tended to pick up EVERYONES singing) but weirdly their was not app for Windows phones.

The phones and iPAd were easy to set up, and worked well from the get go. The only minor issue being the onscreen latency, meaning that the display was showing your input coming in a little late. This didn’t affect the scoring or the ability to sing well, it was just a little disconcerting to see.

All in all however, the target market (my teenage girls) loved the new Singstar, and the wide range of music available. 30 tracks seems a little light for my licking, however, you can purchase more songs through the playstation store should you feel the need.

It’s good to see Singstar back, and with some minor tweaking, will once again be the center of the party scene!

Reviewed on: PS4

Rating: PG Parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers.

Reviewed by: Jonathan



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