Rise of the Tomb Raider Will Have Weather & Day-Night Cycle

Rise of the Tomb Raider game director Brian Horton has revealed some new details about the game in an interview with Game Informer.

“In the last game, we had a lot of narrative wrapped around hunting a deer. This time, it’s more of a system. It really works into the upgrade system,” Horton said. “The resources that you can acquire from a deer can craft different recipes, those recipes will upgrade different weapons, like a bow. You won’t just have one bow, you’ll have multiple bows, and you can choose how you want to upgrade them.

“The other thing that’s kind of exciting is we have a time of day and weather system that allows different animals to appear at different times, So if I want a recipe that requires an alpha wolf that only comes out at night, I’ll have to re-traverse to a location at that time to find and hunt an alpha wolf.”

This time the game will take place in Siberia, and along with regular animals, Lara Croft will be going up against powerful tomb guardians like the Siberian Bear, and other people who are also unaccustomed to the terrain.

Lara will have to upgrade her tools as she explores, giving her the ability to reach new areas.

“We have invested in the ability to upgrade some of our traversal mechanics,” said Horton. “We saw a glimpse of how the axe turned into a grapple as she went across a tree. Traversal is still a staple of our franchise, and we’re going to continue to invest in ways that the player can traverse vertically and horizontally across the landscape.”


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