Like most games, ReCore has a storyline, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s all bout finding shit, fixing shit and killing shit. Which isn’t a bad approach to an evenings fun. As a third person shooter/explorer game, I dutifully destroyed the first couple of enemies whose only real purpose in life was to teach me the shooting mechanic. Then I rushed over the a pile of junk to see what i could find. Nothing. What about that pile of junk over there? Nada. That crashed space ship? Nope. There seemed to be nothing worth exploring the world for, and in fact, ReCore was starting to look like a very tame open world platformer. But hey, just as you should never judge a book by it’s cover nor should you judge a game by the first ten minutes. So onwards and upwards to the entrance of a cave system that I had to traverse and fight my way through.

Learning to utilize dash and double jump in the right combination is essential to proceed through the cave system.

This first cave system is unsurprisingly just a tutorial level, though as well as introducing me to the game mechanics it also introduced me to some of the games glitches. The main one in this part of the game, was getting stuck inside the door and only being able to get out of it by jumping backwards and not being able to re-open the door to progress.

Quit. load last saved game, proceed.

After beating the end level boss and grabbing his core, it was back to my crawler. Along the way I got attacked, so choosing to grab the high ground to fight from, I accidentally discovered that there is a reason to explore the open expanse – for there are collectibles to find.


Once you get back to the crawler, you unlock another part of the planet to explore. Rinse and repeat.

At it’s heart, ReCore is a fun and addictive game that will keep most people entertained. It’s let down by some frustrating glitching, and the repetitive nature of the game play. However if you’re looking for an easy to pick up and play modern take on the platformer, then ReCore will keep you hooked for a decent amount of time.

Rating: PG Parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers.



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