Rage 2

Rage is a game of two parts, insanely over-the-top joyous killing sprees and inane drive from location to location and talking to people. But that is the curse of open-world gaming, and to be honest, Rage’s combat makes up for anything else that might try and take the shine off this game.

The world of Rage 2 is certainly beautiful and full of photo-worthy vistas, but this desolate beauty is basically empty. Sure you might encounter people along the way, but mostly they are not worth stopping your vehicle for. There are much better forms of killing just around the corner.

And this is the meat of Rage 2 (and any other open world game) the missions, which after a while all blend into one – go here and kill everyone, go here and kill this monster, go here and kill everyone, go here… you get the picture.

And here’s where it gets tricky. You don’t complete a location just by slaughtering all the bad guys and girls, nope, you also have to find every single storage container, data pad, and Ark Chest. Yes, long after the dead are stiff and cold you’ll still be frustratingly looking for the last container. But hey, looting and searching are staples of open world gaming, and the Ark Chests are the main point of the game. So much so that it’s worth scouring the wasteland for them.

Yes, I know I just said the world of Rage 2 is basically empty, but there are Arks scattered around the world, and these are the places where you get to upgrade your characters abilities and weapons. And this is the lifeblood of Rage 2.

Find all the Arks and you’ll unlock the ability to jump in the air and hulk smash the ground, turn enemies to mush with an energy blast, and doge at insane speed, amongst other cool abilities that make you feel like a badass superhero who like to eviscerate his enemies.

So if killing is your thing, and by your thing, I mean if you get an uncontrollable giddy sense of joy out of slaughtering anything that moves, and you like hunting for upgrades, then Rage 2 is the game for you.

Rating: R16 Restricted to persons 16 years and over. NOTE: Graphic violence & offensive language.

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