Quantum Break VGX Trailer

At VGX 2013, the next generation of Spike TV’s annual Video Game Awards, gamers were electrified by the debut of a visually stunning trailer for one of the most highly anticipated new-generation games: Quantum Break.

Featuring all-new gameplay footage, the Quantum Break trailer showcases the game’s breath-taking graphics and reveals the first narrative and gameplay details for the revolutionary entertainment experience that combines a cinematic action game with a high-quality, live-action show. Creative Director Sam Lake discusses Remedy Entertainment’s vision for Quantum Break, and introduces heroes Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder, as well as antagonist Paul Serene. He also reveals new storyline and gameplay features, like the ability to play as both heroes and manipulate time, and discusses why Quantum Break will deliver the “ultimate Remedy experience” by integrating gameplay and television into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience.


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