Project Cars 2

There are many racing games out there, and many more coming along soon. They fit into different genres or claim to. The difference with Project Cars 2 is that it definitely fits into it’s chosen genre. It’s a racing simulator for car fans, and the first thing the unexpected gamer will complain about is that the cars are uncontrollable and spin out all over the place.

They do.

Unless you change the settings to something easier.

Or practice car control. Practice. practice, and practice some more.

Practice is the name of the game with Project Cars 2. First, get to know the car you want to be racing. I mean really get to know it. Then get to know the tracks you are going to be racing, because your car will react differently to each track, and changeable weather. And tire wear.

This will take plenty of time. But what you put in is what you get out.

Once you’ve mastered your first car and first season of driving, it’s time to start all over again, when you start a new season with a new car. It’s a different car, so it’s gonna handle different. It’s also going to mean re-learning the tracks, for the specific needs of your new car.

You can of course change the settings and have an easy to drive car, but that will rob you of the essence of the game. For reviewing purposes I did. I needed to get online to test out online racing, and needed an easy to handle situation.

Of course this is a simulation, so my first online game saw me having to set a time for my grid position, not knowing how many laps I had to do, after a few I headed into the pits. Without slowing down. All other games take control as soon as you hit pit lane. I got disqualified for breaking pit lane speed restrictions. I gave up on online racing and concentrated on trying to master the single player game. I’m still trying.

Project Cars 2 is a game that rewards persistence. It’s a monogamous game, requiring you to stay focused on just it for the considerable future. This isn’t a bad thing, if racing is your life.

Graphically it’s good, not spectacular, but when you idea of fun is driving as fast as you can, you’re not going to worry too much about the scenery.

If you played the original, then Cars 2 is a good improvement on that. A solid outing that will cement Project Cars as a serious contender in the crowded car racing game market. This is the game for serious drivers, and those who want more of a challenge than most other racing games offer.

Rating: G Suitable for general audiences.



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