Photo Mode Makes A Difference In Modern Gaming

Aloy rushes between trees and through bushes, the massive jaws of a robot dinosaur snapping just a few inches from her back. Just as its teeth are about to rip into her flesh, she turns around, pulls out her bow, takes aim, and snaps a photo. Hey, it’s all worth it for the perfect shot.

Huh, bow, aim, take photo? What are you talking about? A post apocalyptic game with a camera mode just doesn’t make sense. Or does it?

According to the opinion piece on thegamechannel in game photography is growing, and this is very important for game developers to understand.

And it’s all about human connection and ownership:

Photo mode ultimately does what real-world photography has always done. It helps us capture memories and freeze specific moments in time. Those moments are powerful. Whether a picture has a funny story or a serious social message behind it, there’s an emotional connection to that specific moment. Photo mode helps developers gain recognition for their art and breathe new life into their games; it lets players express themselves and explore their favorite games in new ways. But perhaps most importantly, it allows players and developers the chance to bond through a desire to share, discuss, and reflect on those moments. Because of that, photo mode isn’t just a tool – it’s a means of genuine human connection.

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