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I’ve been playing a few new games on my XBox One over the holidays, the first of which was Peggle 2. Peggle 2 is obviously the sequel to Peggle and is one of those instantly addictive game you normally see on mobile devices from PopCap. In fact it’s a lot like any number of the games my wife seems to like playing on her iPad, which as it turns out wasn’t a good thing. As soon as she saw me playing Peggle 2 on the XBox One, she was all like “Can I have a turn” and “My turn now!”

I felt like saying something along the lines of “It’s my bloody Xbox, stick with your iPad will ya!” In fact I think I may have said that in my mind. But being the sensible husband, I just handed her the controller, and we shared the game.

The game for anyone unfamiliar with Peggle, sees you having a limited number of balls to shoot at coloured pegs, having to hit all the orange ones with the balls you’ve been given. The difficulty is that there are many other pegs that you have to bounce off to get the pegs you want, along with some moving parts and stuff like that. Along with the pegs you have to hit are some special pegs that give you special powers.

Sure, it doesn’t sound like much, and in reality it is quite simple. But it is maddenly addictive. And being XBLA, it’s on your harddrive and easy to just pick up and play.

Along with the balls and special powers, comes the music and animations when you pull off a spectacular move. The game is just fun wrapped up in silly fun.

Whilst you might breeze through the first few levels, they soon get pretty hard, requiring a bit of strategy and sometimes a heap of luck. Each level also has three optional goals, so if you breeze through just getting the levels finished, there is incentive to come back and try and beat the goals on each level.

The problem is however that this is the first game that my wife has ever taken an interest in on any gaming console I have owned. So much so that when I went away for a couple of days I got texts from her telling me she was playing MY Xbox One. So now, because we’re a strange family and only have one TV, I not only have to fight for time on my XBox One with those who want to watch TV or DVDs, but I also have to wrestle my controller from my wife’s steely grip.

You have been warned.

Rating: TBC

Available on: Xbox One Reviewed on: Xbox One



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