Activision’s love of zombies is no secret to fans of Treyarch’s Call of Duty games, with the online zombie mode being popular enough to keep bringing it back, time and time again.  And with the popularity of AMC’s Zombie series The Walking Dead, it wasn’t all that unexpected that Activision would want to cash in on the end of the world scenario, turning it into a first person shooter.

Terminal Reality is the company hired by Activision to breath life into the living dead, but rather than drawing from the source material of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels, they are creating a game from the AMC TV show, distancing itself from Telltale Games’ episodic, DLC installments of The Walking Dead.

Terminal Reality’s The Walking Dead FPS will put an emphasis on the zombies as “walkers,” as they’re called in the show, which will require players to be aware of the sounds they produce, whether when firing weapons or traveling through an area.

“In the game, you’ll need to carefully sneak into and out of some dangerous situations and you may meet a few Walkers along the way,” Terminal Reality’s creative lead Angel Gonzalez says. “If you show up with guns blazing, you’ll quickly find yourself dealing with a much larger crowd and you could easily become overwhelmed.”

In addition to sound, walkers will also track humans by their scent. The longer a player stands still, the larger his scent radius becomes, eventually traveling outside of buildings and down streets to lure in masses of the undead. If Terminal Reality can pull this off, we could be looking at one of the best zombie games ever made.  Lets just hope Activision don’t shoehorn it into a CoD spin off.

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