This may come as a shock to some, but I am not, nor have I ever been a Motocross champion. Hell, I’ve not really ridden a motorbike either. But I do love all manor of racing games on my trusty XBox so when MXGP2 landed on my desk I was happy to slip it in my Box.

Once you’ve got past the set up your racer screen, pretty much everything is available to you, which is nice for those who want to try a little bit of everything before hitting the serious business of career mode. Even with the variety on offer, Career mode is the meat of MXGP2. It’s where the rubber meets the mud, so to speak. Career has two important parts, making money (to buy upgrades and new bikes) and increasing your reputation by fulfilling sponsor requirements. If you don’t keep these guys happy, you won’t make it far.

But none of this matters if the game doesn’t handle well. And on the front MXGP2 is good. Your bike is responsive, the tracks are nicely varied and the competition is challenging. You’ll certainly feel the adrenaline rush and have to fight for every place as you race to try and take first place. But that’s about it. And with this MXGP2 is a good game, with a nice career mode and online play.

But it’s not a great game. There is no sense that you are actually riding the bike, no sense of the weight of the machine, or the impact as you land after a jump, or collide with another rider. The game never goes that extra mile to tray and connect you to the feeling of actually racing.

MXGP2 is certainly worth looking at if you want s solid Motocross game, but it’s unlikely to grab most people enough to stay in you gaming console for any length of time.

Rating: G Suitable for general audiences.



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