Modern Warfare 3 To Have Destructible Environments

Kotaku seem to have gotten a scoop on what too expect from the upcoming Modern Warfare 3, with an apparently solid source who makes some bold claims, dismissing rumours that MW3 would be a prequel.

Apparently MW3, which is being developed by what’s left of Infinity Ward, along with help from Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, and will continue the story from where MW2 left off.

Kotaku’s source goes one to explain how Modern Warfare 3 will keep the predominantly urban feel of it’s predecessor, but the actual location is unknown, but likely to be spread internationally as the source hints that the story-line will follow Price, Soap and Russian informant Nikolai who at the end of MW2 were essentially on the run as international fugitives following the killing of Lieutenant General Shepherd.

The scope of the story line is rumoured to be much bigger than MW2, which will welcome news to many, and Activision seem to be taking a leaf out of EA’s books with the online game play being set in much larger maps and with destructible environments, hinting that Modern Warfare 3 might be intentionally taking aim at some of Battlefield 3’s potential market.

Of course it’s too early for any official comment from Activision on these rumours, but time will tell if Kotaku’s source knows his stuff.

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