Modern Warfare 2 Kill Streak List Uncovered

3 Kill Streak: Uav – Enemies show as a red dot on the radar for 30 seconds. 4 Kill Streak: Care Package – Random package is dropped onto the map which can be collected by anyone on your team or on the other team it will of either ammo or a killstreak increase. 4 Kill Streak: Counter Uav – Enemies UAV is blocked. 5 Kill Streak: Sentry Gun – A computer controlled gun can be placed anywhere on the map which will automatically shoot enemies on sight 5 Kill Streak: Predator Missile 6 Kill Streak: Precision Airstrike – A computer controlled precise airstrike. 7 Kill Streak: Harrier Strike 7 Kill Streak: Attack Helicopter – A helicopter comes for 60 seconds and shoots enemies. 8 Kill Streak: Emergency Airdrop – 4 Care Packages are dropped onto the map 9 Kill Streak: Pave low 9 Kill Streak: Stealth Bomber 11 Kill Streak: Chopper Gunner – A more armoured helicopter comes for 60 seconds and shoots enemies. 11 Kill Streak: AC130 – You will get to be the gunner of a AC130 ontop of the battlefield 15 Kill Streak: Emp – Disables enemies HUD for a fixed amount of time 25 Kill Streak: Tactical Nuke – A nuke demolishes everyone and your team auto wins
Did I read that right? A game ending tactical nuke…. that would suck to be on the loosing team.

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