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So what does EA bring to the arena to set itself apart from UFC?  The main thing being a better control mechanism, borrowed straight from Fight Night, rather than button mashing to punch or kick, you use differing flicks of the right thumbstick to deal the pain.

Predictably the game has the usual modes, quick match and career.  career is a little different from what I remember of UFC, it has an international flavour and the training aspect actually encourages you to train, as well as giving you the option to pay to train with experts in different fields, giving you the option to unlock special moves.

The graphics and gameplay work well together, though the computer opponents to seem to have a slight advantage on the mat.

All together MMA is a solid entry by EA into the genre, and UFC will definitely have to step up to the mark next year if they want to stop their fans from jumping over to MMA.

On a slightly bizarre side note, I was mistakenly sent the PS3 version to review rather than my preferred XBox format, and this coincided with my having a loan Move unit which included the PlayStation Eye, allowing me to take a front on and side profile picture of myself, then having EA map my features onto my career player so that I could be in the game.  It was a little uncanny however, as even though the face looked vaguely familiar, the body certainly did not!

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