Medal of Honor Generates $100 Million in Launch Week

It’s been a week since Electronic Arts’ Medal of Honor reboot hit store shelves, and since then we’ve seen the critical reaction (mostly positive!) and investor reaction (maybe not quite so positive). But enough of the speculation…how has it actually sold so far? Would you believe “pretty well”?

Speaking in a segment on the Fox Business channel (via Industry Gamers), EA CEO John Riccitiello revealed Medal of Honor generated $100 million in sales during its first week of release. On top of that, EA has also disclosed that 1.5 million copies were sold during the game’s first five days.

Sure, when compared to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (no doubt the game’s obvious and closest competitor in the modern-day shooter genre), these numbers are relatively paltry – Modern Warfare 2 sold a whopping 8.5-9 million units in its first week. But then in fairness, it’s not quite comparing oranges and oranges; Modern Warfare 2 was the latest entry in a yearly series that already had huge momentum behind it, while Medal of Honor is a drastic reboot in a series last seen three years ago…almost giving it more of the feeling of the launch of a new IP. -1up

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