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It was bound to happen sooner or later, and seeing as the world of LEGO has already conquered Harry Potter, Batman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars, it’s time to tie another movie franchise to the LEGO brand, and handily timed to the release of the forth movie – which also features in the game.

Yes, in case you didn’t read the title of this review, Pirates of the Caribbean has finally landed on your console of choice, in the for of cute little blocks.

If you’ve played any (or all) of the previous LEGO titles, you’ll be jumping right in with Pirates of the Caribbean.  If for some unknown reason, you’ve yet to experience the LEGO gaming phenomenon – where have you been hiding? – then Pirates of the Caribbean is just the game to jump in on.

The game-play is simple yet fun, a kind of action/adventure puzzle game that will see you exploring, interacting with objects, destroying things and building things – all with the kid friendly simplicity of pressing a few buttons.

Playable on your own, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean plays bets when you split screen co-op with a friend – or child – the hilarity and fun is somewhat magnified when you’re laughing at the person sitting next to you.

Of course, this is essentially to he same game as all the previous LEGO games, just wrapped up in a different box.  It doesn’t mean it’ any less fun, but it does seem to get a little bit tedious if you’re an experienced gamer and you may find yourself giving both controllers to you kids and just sitting back and watching them play.

Some movie tie-ins stick religiously to their film based plots, laboriously taking you through scene after scene of a film that you’ve already seen.  Whilst LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean does take you through all four films, it does so with it’s own flair, choosing to ignore some scenes, and creating others just because it seems like a funny thing to do – and it is!

Graphically it’s hard to tell if the game is any better than it’s predecessors – there’s only so much you can do to make LEGO blocks look like brightly coloured bits of plastic – but even though the graphics are simplistic in nature, they are perfectly formed to the world they create.

All in all LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is a fun diversion, but ultimately one that is geared (obviously) to the younger audience.  It’ll make a great addition to the family games collection , but  the hardcore gamer might not find a lot of substance.

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