Kong: Skull Island

Opening near the launch of the original, KONG: Skull Island takes us to the War in the Pacific in 1944. Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly) is a comedic one liner that befriends a foe and respects a King as his plane is shot down on a mysterious undiscovered island in the South Pacific.

Kong jumps forward to the war in Vietnam. Monarch, a secret scientific society led by Bill Randa (a slimmed down John Goodman) is looking to contract a chopper crew to help them discover what lies beneath the secrets of an uncharted Skull Island. Monarch ties together gargantuan genre films and is a nod to the heritage of Kong and Godzilla. Numerous throwbacks would be appreciated by a loyal fan-base throughout the film.

Bill Randa holds a tight lip as he convinces the government to hire a war seasoned chopper crew, led by none other than the militantly stone hardened Preston Packard (Samuel Jackson), to safely transport them to Skull Island. Scientists, War Veterans, a photographer, and a tracker are all about to take a trip of a lifetime into the unforgivable landscape of Kong’s Kingdom.

Upon arrival, everything spirals out of control. Humanity embraces a new kind of War unlike any ever experienced. Death presents itself in every decision and encounter as the number of crew members decrease with nearly every scene. Many moments will cause a jumpy reaction in the audience and creepy crawly is merely just a small introduction to well organized and polished CGI that will give you the heeby jeebies.

Digging into the story, we find that Kong is valiant in his efforts to protect HIS Island from the monsters that lie beneath. Skull crushers are vicious prowlers of the dark and humanity is merely a snack waiting to happen that are caught in the middle of an epic battle for the ultimate victory. Alliances are formed and agendas are altered as expectations change through mutual understanding that will foreshadow of what is yet to come.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts executes a wonderful tribute to the King Kong of years passed. Monsters, explosions, and a bit of a story to follow will certainly keep you entertained and enjoying a movie that must be seen on the big screen. Monster development was detailed and well defined, but left me wanting more for Kong. Facial features were out of this world, but the full scale of Kong missed the mark as it takes more than just a face to bring an animal to life.

See it, feel it, and enjoy it if you like an adventurous story with plenty of fighting and explosions. You cannot go wrong.

Rating: M Violence & offensive language.




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