Just Cause 3

Rico Rodriguez is back for some more insane fun with his grappling hook and parachute combo, this time however he’s having a ménages à trois with the addition of a wingsuit. This three way combination makes for some fast traveling, and more importantly, some fast getaways.

Just Cause 3 is set in Rico’s fictional home, Medici, a country made up of many, many islands, some of them impressively big. Mediterranean themed, Medici is beautifully rendered and varied enough to encourage exploring, and home to enough explosive stuff as to make even the most patient pyromaniac go into cardiac overdrive.

Indeed, the way the game encourages you to come up with new ways of causing explosive chain reactions takes the focus away from the main story line, and onto a more rampage style of play, which has it’s downsides, mainly that it gets old after a while without story focus to drive you. And unless the story line is just about going from one location and liberating it before doing the same to the next location, discovering where the story wants you next can be a challenge, as can finding the last thing you need to destroy to liberate a settlement. Lets just say that the maps don’t always have the information you need to get the job done.

However, the variety of stuff you can play with is impressive, and this alone will keep the game fresh for a while, from crappy cars to sports cars, from technicals to tanks, from attack helicopters to jet fighters, you can hijack them all. And if you find yourself in just a run of the mill gun fight, you’ll probably soon start engaging the grey matter to come up with more ingenious ways to kill people, utalising your grappling hook and anything else that looks like a fun combination.

Getting creative is where Just Cause 3 shines, and creative destruction is rewarded with some truly impressive scenes that puts everything Michael Bay has ever produced to shame.

Just Cause 3 takes everything that was great about Just Cause 2 and just adds little bits here and there. It’s possibly not quite the game we were anticipating, but it’s impressive and fun non-the-less.

The only major frustration with Just Cause 3 is the loading times, which makes death even more of a drag than it should be.

Reviewed on: XBox One

Rating: R13 Violence and offensive language.

Reviewed by: Jonathan



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