Hitman 2

I’m not sure why, but I get an amazing amount of enjoyment figuring out all the increasingly clever (or flat out stupid) ways of killing an individual that an unknown voice has told me are bad and deserve to die. Making someone’s death look like an accident is probably one of the highest pleasures known to man.

Of course, fucking up something and being involved in a running gun battle has it’s own charms as well.

So it comes as no surprise that I’ve always loved the Hitman series of games, and Hitman 2 is a blast.

Each mission offers a variety of pre-prepared ways to kill the target or targets – not that you’re told about these, you have to figure them out for yourself but good old fashioned investigation. Stealth is key, so you must always hide any bodies, rather than leave them in plain sight and have someone raise the alarm. The NPC security in this game is far better than in previous games, so if you’re planning on leaving a Hollywood action film number of bodies, be prepared to have to fight for your life.

The absurdity of Hitman is still there – been spotted and need to escape, just run away, find an NPC, knock them out (or kill them) swaps clothes, hide the body, carry on and if no one saw you, no one will notice.

But that’s just game mechanics vs real world reality.

In short, Hitman 2 continues the legacy that began back in 2000 and will please longtime fans and new recruits.

Rating: R18 Restricted to persons 18 years and over. NOTE: Violence & content that may disturb.

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