Halo Wars 2

I don’t really care for Halo. I know people rave about it, but for me it was always just another first person shooter. And not a very inspiring one at that. I was always a Call of Duty fan – don’t hate me – right up till the second Modern Warfare, then I jumped ship to Battlefield as my tastes evolved. Now I hardly ever play first person shooters. I’m more likely to play a third person action game or some form of Forza.

But Halo Wars isn’t a first person shooter, its a top down strategy game, and whilst I purposely avoided the original, I decided to give Halo Wars 2 a go.

Now the story behind Halso Wars 2 is that you find yourself blah de fucking blah. I don’t care about the story, sorry. Remember, I don’t care about Halo, so moving on to the actual game…

Real time strategy games are a rare thing on consoles as they are still primarily the domain of the point and clickiness of PCs. But Halo Wars 2 works so well that you’re left wondering why more strategy games haven’t made the jump. Halo Wars 2 starts off with a quick tutorial and then its off to the main story, a quick scouting mission to realize that things are fucked up and then it’s onto base building and all out war over 12 missions. The single player campaign is apparently playable as co-op as well, which I might have to try out at some stage.

Of course, the best part of Halo Wars 2 is Multiplayer, and here you find the standard deathmatch and domination modes, but also a mode called strongholds that appeals to a noob like me, as it gives players unlimited resources and pits players against each other to see who can build the strongest and biggest army first, meaning you can focus on army build and strategy without the need for worrying about resources.

Then there us Blitz mode, a mode where you play with decks of cards, cards which you begin earn through the campaign, and cards that you never have to actually buy to play the game, but if you really want to go deep, you’ll find your self shelling out a fair bit of real money.

So to wrap up, if you love Halo, want something different or you’ve been hanging out for a decent RTS on the console, then give Halo Wars 2 a go.

Rating: M Violence.



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