Halo Anniversary Kinect Support

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary might look a whole lot nicer than it did, but it’s still the same game we first played ten years ago. To kick things up a notch, Microsoft are adding Kinect support which has the potential to really differentiate the remastered game from the original Xbox FPS. The main thing Kinect provides is a voice control scheme which may not sound compelling to hard-core gamers, but could make it interesting for us lesser mortals.

The most straightforward voice commands include the ability to reload or throw a grenade. This could be either a gimmick or a life saver, depending on how much Halo you’ve played, and how much retraining your brian is going to need to communicated to you finger that you mouth is throwing the grenade!

Other features and available commands will probably be revealed closer to the games release.

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