Halo 5: Guardians – Gameguide

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. I’m not a big Halo fan. But Halo does offer a great place for some mindless multiplayer fun, even if I don’t understand or care about the story line that drives it. This however is Halo 5, and expectations are high, and whilst it seems like 343 Industries have stepped up their game, they do seem to have made some interesting choices. The main being the more cinematic game play, and by game play I mean cut-scenes where you are forced to sit back and think how awesome it would be if you were actually controlling your character. And yes, I’m talking about the opening scene, which after all, sets the feeling for the whole game, where you Halo jump onto a planet where you are immediately thrown into a hectic down-hill rush style combat experience that you can only watch in growing frustration as you grip your useless controller in you hands, begging to be allowed to play.

Of course having Nathan Fillion is a coup, and makes all the other cut scenes better, but opening the game with such and epic battle and forcing you to watch is just head scratchingly dumb.

Fortunately when you do get to use your controller, the game is up to the standard you’d expect from a Halo game, with plenty of action, and enough tactical options to keep your average FPS fan happy.

And yes, Halo 5 looks stunning. As you hop from planet to planet, everything looks fantastic. The game just flows well and keeps you entertained, when you’re allowed to play.

Of course no first person shooter is anything without it’s multiplayer, and this is where Halo has always shone brightest, and it does again with Halo 5.

If you’re a Halo fan, I can’t see any reason why you’d be dissappointed, because lets face it, most of your time will be spent in multiplayer.

Reviewed on: XBox One

Rating: R13 Contains Violence.

Reviewed by: Jonathan



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