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Good news for fans of purchasing digital clothing for digital people, Bethesda has announced that Fallout 3 Avatar items will be hitting XBLM this Thursday, November 26. There are lots of items available, including a nifty Vault 101 suit with a sweet PIP-Boy. The cream of the crop has to be the full Vault Boy suit though, with its creepy, soulless expression. That one, by the way, is available only for male Avatars, which seems a bit silly. The rest swing both ways.  Vault 101 Suit – 240 ($3.96) Bethesda Game Studios Shirt – 80 ($1.32) Fallout 3 Ringer Shirt – 80 ($1.32) Vault Boy Shirt – 80 ($1.32) Vault Boy Suit – 240 ($3.96) Vault Boy Head – 80 ($1.32)

Personally, I think the outfits are a little on the tame side, considering how much time was spent outside the vault in Fallout 3, you’d have though Bethesda would have come up with some wasteland style garb. As as for the whole buy fake clothes to promote our product thing, wouldn’t it have been better to have some stuff available for people to unlock in the game – sure you’d have to download an update, but having to go somewhere to unlock some cool threads might encourage people to put down MW2 for a little while and get them back into the Capital Wastelands.

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