GameGuide » Blog Archive » Divinity 2 Gets Pushed to November

The ever changing Gaming Industry being what it is, Madman Entertainment have advise us that they have had to revise the release date for Divinity 2: Ego Draconis.

The confirmed release date is now November 5th 2009.

This sequel to Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity will be available on Xbox 360 and Windows PC and you will be able to see it in action at the Armageddon expo in October. 

Divinity 2 Ego Draconis brings you back to Rivellon, a timeless world of awe and magic, torn and scarred by successions of apocalyptic wars. Ever since the Great War ended, the Order of the Dragon Slayers has had eyes only for their number one enemy: the Dragon Knights who killed their Divine hero.

But all the while the true enemy, the Black Ring, still festers beneath the surface, ready for its next move, poised to strike. For their leader Damian tirelessly plots silent schemes with utterly malign intent. Then one day, an event takes place that will reshape the history of Rivellon: a dying Dragon Knight gives her powers to a member of the order that seeks to destroy her: you.

Perhaps you, blessed as you are with the powers of the Dragon, will be able to stop the black tides that threaten to engulf Rivellon. Many adventures await you, many mysteries yearn to be unraveled and the world awaits the outcome of your new.

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