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Posted by famousfive On July – 27 – 2010

Most people will sum up Demon’s Souls in two words; one of those words will definitely be “hard”. The other will be a mixture of colourful adjectives that are mostly unsuitable for publication. For my colourful adjective I chose “Too”. As a casual gamer with restrictions placed on my free time by work, family and other hobbies Demon’s Souls is simply too hard. I do not want to spend 4 hours replaying the same level over and over again. Some people will consider that a great challenge and revel in the sense of accomplishment when they finally clear the level but getting to the end of my 2 precious hours of gaming time and having made no progress at all is not fun.

So the game is hard, but is it good?
Well actually, yes it is. Very good.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by Rhettspect On July – 26 – 2010

Ever wanted to play Modern Warfare 2 with Battlefield Bad Company 2 controls?

Me neither. But that’s very much how the Medal Of Honor beta for Xbox 360 feels. It’s made by DICE, the team responsible for Bad Company 2, using the same engine no less.

But in place of the Battlefield series’ more methodical, strategic feel, here they are very obviously gunning for the twitchy, fast-paced style of Call of Duty. The maps are fairly small and the combat is frequent and intense.Since the game is so clearly targeting the core audience of the current shooter king, lets compare them…  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On July – 26 – 2010

2K Games Australia is excited to announce that the “Face of Playboy Swim 2010,” Sheridyn Fisher, is the official ambassador for their upcoming epic mobster game, Mafia II. Sheridyn’s involvement with Mafia II highlights the agreement between 2K Games and Playboy magazine to use more than 50 of their vintage covers and Centerfolds in Mafia II as part of the unique in-game integration.

Born, bred and based on the Central Coast of Australia, Sheridyn is known for her cute-as-a-Bunny look and her girl-next-door attitude. Now the new face of Playboy Swim Australia, she has won the hearts of many of her fans by just being her fun-loving self. Modelling professionally for over seven years, Sheridyn enjoys all aspects of her career but still considers herself a “tomboy at heart,” loving nothing more than playing her PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by urbankiwi On July – 26 – 2010

Salt is the upcoming movie release from Columbia Pictures. The storyline promises to deliver a great movie experience, however you can discover the mystery behind Salt and does “Day X Exist”. 

Starting 11:00am on Tuesday 27th of July you can visit to be part of what promises to be a very fun and extremely interactive online experience. Produced by the same people who brought the Emmy award winning “Lost” series online. So will you be joining us online to discover “Who is Salt?” 

Mission 1 starts 11:00am Tuesday 27th July at

Posted by famousfive On July – 26 – 2010

The Hydro Thunder series has a fine pedigree, starting with a Midway coin-op arcade game released way back in 1999. Hydro Thunder: Hurricane for XBox Live Arcade is the latest member of the family and like the rest is an arcade racer involving driving high speed powerboats through a variety of fantastic race courses. What distinguishes Hydro Thunder: Hurricane from other arcade racers is that the racing happens on water. This adds a dynamic aspect to each race and most of the courses have events, creatures or machines that will add large waves for you to race over.

You start with a single ‘Novice’ level boat and course and have to complete a series of races against 15 CPU opponents or lone challenges to unlock more boats and content by earning credits. Placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the race or posting a low enough time in a challenge gives you varying amounts of credit depending on the skill level. There’s 8 distinct courses to race on with three skill levels: Novice, Pro and Expert. The courses are all in fantastic settings like the interior of a hydroelectric dam, a monster filled island, sewers pipes under Paris, or an alien infested secret lab. The courses are a mix of single lap and multiple lap events and each one is scattered with ‘boost’ power ups which fill your boat’s boost meter for extra speed. Snagging boost is vital for winning races in record times, but you can also boost jump, allowing you to get into secret areas and shortcuts in each course.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On July – 22 – 2010

Posted by famousfive On July – 22 – 2010

Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On July – 22 – 2010

Microsoft announced that kiwi Xbox 360 console owners will be able to purchase the Kinect sensor for NZ$229.00 bundled with the Kinect Adventures game. With more than 1.1 million Xbox 360 consoles currently in households across Australia and New Zealand, console owners will soon be able to enjoy the fun of a controller free entertainment.

“Kinect offers tremendous entertainment value for the whole family and those who are new to video games with nothing in your hands and no buttons to press. If you can do it in life, you can do it with Kinect” said Frazer Scott, Head of Xbox, Microsoft New Zealand.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On July – 22 – 2010

Jose Gonzalez recently took time out of his busy summer tour schedule to swing by the Rockstar offices in New York and perform this intimate, acoustic rendition of “Far Away”, his contribution to the Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack. Most of you will remember this song from when John Marston first reaches Mexico, riding horseback along a dusty trail between cascading red cliffs and the San Luis River; definitely one of Red Dead’s most visually and sonically memorable moments.

Posted by famousfive On July – 20 – 2010

Limbo is a quirky little 2d puzzler just released on XBox Live. It’s the first title from PlayDead, an Independent Danish studio. It’s been in development for several years and it shows: Limbo is a polished piece of art work and is frankly a beautiful looking game. Playing the game is like watching a disturbing black and white animated movie from the 30’s. The title, menu screen and even the closing credits echo this and there’s also a subtle flicker effect that makes the whole game look like it’s being projected from some old cine camera onto your screen.

The darkness of the game design matches its content too. The back story is you’re a little boy out to rescue your sister, but you’re given no hint of this in game. Your character simply wakes up and you start playing. You seem to be trapped in some terrifying dream-scape filled with lethal puzzles, and while you start alone you’ll soon meet some less than friendly denizens of Limbo. This is certainly not a kid’s game as the first creature you meet will terrorize most children, and probably a few squeemish adults too, and it’s pretty much downhill from there. Failure to solve a puzzle often results in a gruesome death by dismemberment, and without giving too much away I think I can safely say Limbo is the only game I’ve played on the XBox that involves solving a puzzle by using the drowned corpses of other little kids…  Read the rest of this entry »

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