When it comes to a game like FIFA, EA seem to have embraced the Apple way of business, releasing the same product annually, with small, incremental changes, improving the overall product, but not really changing it that much.

But FIFA 15 is different. Slightly. It’s the second release on the current generation of consoles, and as such, EA have had a good change to come to grips with the new machines, and this shows in more ways than one.

The beauty of the FIFA franchise, and probably one of the reasons for it’s popularity, is that the game is as deep and involved as you want it to be. You can just pick it up and play a coupel of games, or you can go the who career mode and develop your own player and play through his entire career.

I’m more of a pick up and play kind of guy. I don’t want to be a manager, sometimes I want to play just one player, but most of the time, I’m happy just controlling the guy closest to the ball.

So for me, the changes in FIFA 15 are the quite noticeable improvement in the graphics, and how the AI players react, and of course the unpredictability of the ball. Graphically the game not only looks better when playing, but there are subtle improvements to the replays as well. Through the game you’ll see players kits get muddy or messy, things that you’d see in a real game. It’s not much in reality, but it adds great depth to the feeling that you’re playing more than just a game.

The physics also have been improved, and now you have to be a bit more careful taking shots at goal, because if your player has just made a maneuver that has put him off balance, telling him to shoot at the goal will result in a probable missed shot.

Lots of details and tweaks have taken a great game, and made it so much more immersive, and a real joy to play. The only down side to FIFA 15 is that it’s hard to think how EA will improve on it for the next installment.

Reviewed on: XBox One

Rating: G

Reviewed by: Jonathan



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