Ferrari: Race To Immortality

Ferrari: Race To Immortality takes a look at motor-racing’s most glamorous decade, which coincidentally was also its deadliest and the iron grip Enzo Ferrari had on his team and motor racing in general.

Focusing mainly on a pair British drivers – Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins – who are likened as fighter pilots, were handsome, charismatic, and unfazed by the prospect of death, the documentary is stuffed full of archive footage and narrated by interviews with family and friends.

Daryl Goodrich’s documentary tells the story simply, but without much passion, and as a result the viewer is never really drawn in. Maybe it’s because the picture is so big, unlike the much more gripping account of Mclaren, whose focus was on one man and his passion.

Another failing of the documentary is that it has subtitle options, but you don’t need them for 95% of the documentary so instinctly turn them off, but when Enzo speaks in Italian you’re left scratching your head. Every other documentary that is primarily in English would have had subtitles JUST for the Italian speaking parts.

Ferrari: Race To Immortality is really only for die hard Ferrari fans or the darker side of racing fandom, those who like to see the fatal accidents.

Rating: M Adult Themes.




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