The first thing I noticed about the Dragon Age II guide is the size of it – it’s huge.  The second thing is how well presented it is.  The layout and the graphics make it something that you want to take to bed at night and read.

The guide’s approach to the game, a massive RPG is just as well thought out as the presentation.  The guide offers up a standard walkthrough of the game, whilst detailing all the other missions and side quests that you can do, allowing you to pick and choose, as essentially encouraging more than one play through.  This enables you the choice to breeze through your first play through, without being forced to go on every single side quest before the guide will allow you to finish the game.

Of course, due to it’s size, and the way it has been collated – and it has to be said here that Piggyback Interactive have done an outstanding job of collating a wealth of information – you will need a pad of post it notes as you will have to flick back and forth between sections as you progress through the game.

The guide covers pretty much everything that you need to know, including missions, Items, maps, dialogue options, game-play, combat, strategy, and even romance. It also shows you what gifts to give each of your companions. The maps are nicely detailed, and the walkthroughs are easy to follow.

In short, the Dragon Age II guide has everything you need to know, wether you are someone new to Dragon Age, or even the experienced player, the guide is essential reading.

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