I don’t play many games on the DS, I’m more of a large screen console gamer.  But I’m also a rabid fan of zombies, so when I heard that Plants vs Zombies was coming to the Ds, I had to give it a go, even if it was a game about plants stopping a zombie apocalypse!

I mean plants?  Really?  The zombies were going to own this game.

Or maybe not.

Plants vs Zombies is nothing new – the game has been around for a while on various formats, but I’ve chosen to ignore it up till now.

Plants vs Zombies is a cute zombie game.  It’s this along with the fact that Plants vs Zombies is just another tower defense game that has kept me away from playing it before now.

The basic concept is this:  The zombies are trying to break into your house and eat your brains, and your last form of defense is your garden.  You’ll start off with the basic sunflower (the more of these you plant, the more ‘sun’ you get – and sun is essential for growing more plants) and a basic shooter plant.  Yes, and plant that shoots projectiles at the zombies.

As you progress you unlock more diverse plants that enable you to block zombies for a time, or even blow up and take out multiple zombies in one hit.  of course, with greater weapons come even more zombies, wave after wave of them.

It’s a fairly basic concept, but it’s is a concept that just works really well.  In all there are 48 different types of plants, some for offense, some for defense and some with production capabilities.  Facing off against this organic arsenal are 26 different types of zombie.

Choosing the right type of defense (or offense) against the encroaching horde soon becomes very strategic.  And then when you think you’ve got all your bases covered, it’s night time and certain plants don’t work at night…

Then, as if the game wasn’t wacky enough, you’ll be thrown random levels where the rules change, or you may have to play whack a zombie, or some other crazy stuff.

Plants vs Zombies is an insanely addictive game, that whilst be available in other formats, seems perfectly suited to the DS.  It’s quirky humour and cute zombie graphics lends itself t a wide audience – though Dead Island fans may find it a little tame!

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