Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announces the New Zealand launch of Game Party: In Motion on Kinect for Xbox 360 will be Dec 10th 2010.  The latest instalment of the popular Game Party series, Game Party: In Motion provides a great value this holiday season offering a collection of 16 fun and easy to pick-up-and-play arcade, sports and party games.

Developed by FarSight Studios, Game Party: In Motion allows players to jump into the action simply by moving their arms, legs or full bodies in natural motions to play games such as Darts, Root Beer Tapper, and QB In Motion. Players will be able to throw darts by extending their arm forward in a throwing motion, move from station to station filling up mugs of root beer for thirsty customers as they play Root Beer Tapper or throw footballs at moving targets while dodging tackles in QB In Motion. 

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