Fallout 4: Far Harbor

Far Harbor is the DLC you’ve been waiting for. Don’t get me wrong, Automatron was great and Wasteland Workshop added some fun settlement diversions, but Far Harbour is like Fallout 3’s Point Lookout, only bigger and more interesting. It’s located up the coast of Maine, and the quest is kicked off by a radio message urging you to return to Valentine’s Detective Agency in Diamond City to kick off a missing persons case. You’ll have to travle to the far North of the current Fallout 4 map to meet the parents of a girl whose gone missing. A little snooping around the house will uncover the next clue, she’s gone or been taken to a place up the coast called Far Harbor and is hiding out in a Synth Sanctuary.

The father fives you the use of his boat and then it’s off to Far Harbor. Things on the Island are a little different from the mainland. The main thing being the radioactive fog that is a constant threat. The other is the who new ecosystem of different creatures. Of course you have the factions as well, with the settlers of Far Harbor being in a knife edge situation that threatens to teeter into all out war between them, the synths and the Children of Atom who thrive on the island due to the radioactive fog.

Tread carefully dear traveler, as you may need the help of each faction, it’s best to try for the diplomatic approach.

Far Harbor offers a huge new landmass to explore, a variety of new weapons and armor. A variety if new enemies and quests and story missions galore. It’s sure to suck away your time with the same intensity as when you first started playing Fallout 4.

Rating: R18 Graphic violence and offensive language.



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