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Dynasty Warriors 7 is obviously the seventh installment of a presumably successful game franchise.  I say presumably because it’s not a franchise I’m familiar with.  A quick bit of research shows that the game is based on Luo Guanzhong’s historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which explains the quasi historical nature of the level introductions.

The game itself is a pretty straight forward hack and slash affair, and by the sounds of it, this has been the case since Dynasty Warriors 2.

There are two main game modes, Story and Conquest.  Story Mode sees you fighting through four individual – and lengthy – sagas, as well as the obligatory tutorials if you’re that way inclined.

Conquest mode is similar, but has you fighting a series of battles across a grid based map.

The game sees you and your small band of merry fighters hack and slash there way through multiple groups of enemies, scattered across a variety of maps.  These groups of enemies often contain a challenging warrior that you have to deal with as well.  But essentially is a hack and slash until you’re giddy with blood lust approach, except there’s no blood or gore.

As well as the fighting, there’s also a little bit of exploring to do, as the quickest rout to your destination is often a route blocked by some form, necessitating you explore and find an alternate route so you can finally challenge the end of level boss.

So it’s not exactly a ground breaking game, but it did transport me back to the simpler days when all you wanted out of a video game was legions of the enemies minions to mow through dual wielding massive swords of doom.

Sure, by the end of the game this will get a little tedious for a number of gamers, but to have unlocked an achievement for killing 1,000 enemy it your first game session puts a peculiar smile on your face.

Dynasty Warriors 7 is certainly going to appeal to fans of the series, but will also make a refreshing change for anyone wanting some good old fashioned, leave your brain at the door, carnage.

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