DVD Review: The Shape Of Water

del Toro’s The Shape Of Water is on one hand a re-imaging of Beauty and the Beast and on the other hand a love letter to the old Hollywood monster films. It’s also a beautifully shot and wonderfully woven tale of love and mystery.

And I’m torn.

I love almost everything about the film, Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins and Octavia Spencer are all at the top of their game and breath life into the story. How ever for all it’s beauty and emotion, the story seems a little too simplistic and the twist at the end is obvious from a mile away. And if you can spot the end from that far off, it kinda ruins the final part of the film.

But despite this rather big flaw, The Shape Of Water is still a film that you will want to see.

Rating: R16 Violence, horror, sex scenes & offensive language.



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