DVD Review: Rings

I loved Hideo Nakata’s original film Ringu (Ring) and surprisingly Gore Verbinski’s 2002 re-make The Ring wasn’t too bad either. So call me surprised when it looked like Ring was getting another American re-make. After a little digging it seems that Rings is the second sequel to Gore Verbinski’s remake. Which of course brings us to question why anyone would make the film into a trilogy, well apparently Paramount were hoping it could become an annual horror franchise filling the space left by the conclusion of the Paranormal Activity series.

Lets hope not, because Rings feels more like a bad attempt at remaking the original in a more contemporary setting. I mean how many times can you tell the story of a killer VHS tape?

This third act gives us a high school relationship being put to the test with the boy heading off to college laving the girl behind. But after getting a weird Skype call the girlfriend hops in the car to save her boyfriend, doing one illogical thing after another, thringing them together in a frustrating method that makes you want to stab your self in the eyes. To be fair though, the image of Samara contorting her waterlogged body as she extracts her self from a flat screen TV never gets old, but when she’s surrounded by fluff and cardboard characters she may as well have not bothered.

Rating: R13 Violence & horror scenes.




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