DVD Review: Falling Skies Season 5

To be honest, at the end of Season 4 of Falling Skies I was at the point of saying, enough is enough. The once great show had gotten bogged down in it’s desire to be a long running show, when in reality it should have been two or three seasons at best. I had decided that despite my love for the show, I would not bother with any future seasons.

But then the fifth season came along, and it came with the tag line: fifth and final season. At last, they were bringing the story to an end! How could I not watch to see how humanity manages to rise up against all odds and over come the most powerful adversary they have ever faced.

Well of course I had to watch, so watch I did.

And I’m glad I did, because even though it stumbles as much as it shines, it brings a conclusion to the story, and dose so quite well. Well, mostly well, if only they had ended the last episode on the beach. That would have been a much better experience.

So in this final season, the Second Mass think that after their victory in season 2, now all that was going to be left to do was clean up the mess. A good old turkey shoot if you will. Alas the alien occupiers have a couple more tricks up their sleeves and a couple of plot twists to boot.

Season 5 of Falling Skies still has the fun cheesiness along with the action that fans fell in love with over the first couple of seasons. Though it manages to do some stupid stuff as well.

All in all however, this is a definite must watch for fans, it glimpses back at it’s glory days and how can you not find out how everything ends, who survives?

Rating: M Science fiction themes & violence.



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