DVD: Den Of Thieves

It’s a risky proposition when you choose a Gerard Butler film these days, I mean the guy is normally more cheese than is required, so why then did I choose to review Den Of Thieves rather than just passing it over. Well to be honest when I watched the trailer and saw that it starred none other than Pornstache from Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, I though to myself, well damn son, this could be quite the crack up.

How wrong I was.

But in a bloody good way.

Den Of Thieves is an action packed heist movie with a serious bank robbing gang going toe to toe with LA’s most feared police unit, saturated with an overload of testosterone. And despite what a fair few critics may have said about it during it’s theatrical run, it’s a bloody good action flick that keeps the pace going and has some nice plot changes.

What’s more Christian Gudegast seems to have had coaching from Michael Mann as he delivers some of the best cops vs robbers street battles since 1995’s Heat.

Gerard Butler is on form and surprisingly Pornstache proves his acting chops in a memorable role as the head of an ex-military gang of bank robbers.

An action film that keeps you on the edge of your seats with both the action and the plot, Den Of Thieves is a refreshing action film in a market that is over saturated with superhero films.

Rating: R16 Violence, offensive language and sex scenes.




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