Duke Nukem : Pre Release Hands On

Its REAL.. I’ve touched it and its REAL.. This week i had the great privilege to get some hands on time with Duke Nukem Forever.

Yes i couldn’t believe it myself, and commented so to the great team at 2K Games. The on again off again sequel to the 1996 version Duke Nukem 3D was finally here in actual playable form.

The first thing you realise when you start playing this is the total lack of training. The interface is standard FPS and the controls take a very small amount of time to get use to. The initial demo level consisted of a locker room, showers and toilets. Lets just say this is a highly interactive enviroment. Right down to the unpleasent surprises left in the toilets which can be used as “weaponry?!?”.

This is classic Duke Nukem humour all the way. Duke’s classic oneliners are back, numerous weapons and tonnes of interactivity pack this game to make it one actually very enjoyable title.

Once past the initial Locker room and subsequent Boss Fight its onto a high speed 4×4 race thru canyons flattening aliens along the way. The final part of the demo consisted of a battle with aliens and one of their ships as you search for fuel. This really showed the fun aspect of the games FPS side. Brute force and humour all the way. This doesnt mean that Duke Nukem Forever is a mindless rampage, plenty of thought has to be applied to make it through various stages with mini puzzles.

And this is probably one of the more stunning elements of the demo… Its actually playable and enjoyable. The mix of puzzles, brute force weaponry and sick humour is everywhere.. Its the Duke Nukem of old and “then some”.

One element i enjoyed in the demo is the fact that the developers, Gearbox, were not afraid to take the mickey. They realise this has been a 12 year development cycle which has left the franchise with the dubious title of “vaporware” a number of times, yet they have finally delivered a decent gaming experience.

There is also the promise that this is a game that will not be completed in a 4 hour gaming session, its got a long story line and plenty of environment to explore. If you remember Duke Nukem 3D and enjoyed it, then you will love this title. Its a faithful sequel to the original with expanded storyline and gameplay. I’ve not had this much fun for years.

Keep an eye out for our full review when we get our hands on the full version, however in the meantime :


We have been given a few giveaway items from 2K Games to celebrate the launch of Duke Nukem : Forever.

We have :

  • A Duke Nukem Beer Belt
  • A Talking Duke Nukem Beer Holder
  • An XL Duke Nukem T Shirt
  • A Duke Nukem Talking Keyring Head
  • A Duke Nukem Trucker Cap with Beer Opener

We will randomly select your answers and fire off various items to the best answers to the question :

What was your favorite FPS from before 2000? (extra points if you include a Duke Nukem one liner)

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