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The first I ever heard of UFC was when I was at an American friend’s house, he had an American iTunes account and has just downloaded the latest episode of UFC.  He desperately wanted to show me one particular KO, I wasn’t all the keen, but didn’t want to dampen his enthusiasm so went along for the ride.  Of course, I mocked him mercilessly as he tried to find the right point in the video, stopping occasionally on same very gay looking  cuddling on the mat – er, I mean wresting.  But then we got to the clip he was wanting to show me – and I can’t remember if it was a kick or punch to the head, but the guy went down and you could literally see his eyes roll back as he went dark.

Holy cow Batman, that was intense.  We watched it a number if times and it never got old.  The half naked sweaty gay wresting I could do without, but this cage fighting had some balls.

So when the second game in the UFC franchise came out in 2010 I had to get a piece of the action.

No we’ve skipped a year and UFC Undisputed 3 is here, and better than ever.  There’s more moves, more ways to fight and a much more in-depth career mode.  The time between games certainly wasn’t spent resting on their laurels, THQ certainly did a lot of work.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that you have two different control options, basic and advanced depending on what level you think your at.  Then you get to decide if you just want to jump in the cage and start hitting someone, or create your own fighter and see where you can take his career.  If you go for career you in for many long nights and a lot of work, but you’ll have help along the way, and it will be worth every second you put into it.

Brutal is what got me into UFC and brutal is what this game offers.  I, as you can probably guess, go for more of a brawler character and try for the beat down, and with the new finishing moves, the game had me hooked all over again.

Graphically the game is impressive and it draws you in.  The presentation makes it feel real, and once you submerge your self in the career mode and get a couple of wins under you belt, you’ll be hooked.

UFC as a sport has attained something that WWF never could; respect.  Even Hollywood shines a good light on it in Warrior.  Now it feels like UFC the game franchise has come of age and can proudly say that it’s a legitimate sporting franchise, on par – hell, exceeding – some of what EA is currently putting out.

Unlike the tired old sport of boxing and the fake world of WWF, UFC has a fresh feel to it, whilst retaining a gritty streett brawling fantasy – and THQ gets this, and delivers a first class game.

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