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Interactive TV is here and while Sesame Street has stormed into the hearts of children of all ages, there is another title out there that has worked its charms upon the arm waggling Kinect generation.

At the forefront of alot of technology is National Geographic. They have climbed higher, dived deeper and got as close as you can get to the world around us. The photos and video elements this organisation captures is stunning. So when the chance to create an interactive TV came along one could easily see their desire to communicate the natural world to a new generation of digital natives.

Fronted by National Geographic’s American Wildman Casey Anderson, Kinect Nat Geo takes the viewer on a outdoor wild adventure of Yellowstone Park. At various parts of the TV expereince the audience is encouraged to live like the creatures being discussed. This could be as a bear digging in shingle for moths to eat or as a mountant goat fighting for male dominance.

At some stages thru the game Anderson is accompanied by a bear named Brutus, but generally its Anderson who holds the journey together. Its good in the sense he doesn’t end up preaching to the audience; I guess ifs a prime oppourtunity to bash the environment policies of governments here. While the titles are intersting i would suggest the return play on this title would only be made by hardened animal fans.

But dont get me wrong here, the pace is not too bad on this title. Its very informative and encouraging to see National Geographic have focused on content over gimmicks.

If your a fan of National Geographic episodes this is a game for you, and certainly a great way for kids to learn about animals of Yellowstone Park.

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