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I remember a time when snowboarding games used to be fun, when they were all the rage, but then as gaming consoles got more powerful, the games got more ‘realistic’ and somewhere along the way, snowboard inexplicably got boring.  Fortunately for those of us dreaming of the good old days, EA have decided to resurrect SSX and bring the fun back to the sport.

Of course, just because EA have bought the fun back, it doesn’t mean that SSX is any less of a challenge then any of the more serious snowboarding games.

There is a slim story-line attached to SSX, basically you’re trying to beat one of your ex-team mates to be the first to conquer the nine deadly descents, or something along those lines.  Don;t worry, you won;t care about the storyline.

From the time you step out of the helicopter and into the free-fall training exercise, you won’t care about any thing but having fun and progressing to the next level, whilst carving up the powder and pulling insane tricks.

With a mixture of trick courses, speed courses and the all new survival mode, SSX keeps it interesting and challenging, whilst presenting you with some of the most insane mountains to carve your way down.

SSX is an arcade game at heart, but in being so, manages to capture the adrenaline pumping game-play that as been missing from the genre, and it does it with sweet graphics and a pumping soundtrack that ties the whole thing together nicely, producing an experience that this current generation of consoles was, until now, sadly missing.

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