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I’m more of a pass, pass, run, set up, pass, shoot kind of a guy when it comes to football and as such, love playing FIFA 12.  It’s a great game with great presentation that just feels right.  But sometimes I just want to jump in and play something a little simpler, quicker and more fun.  That’s what I figured I’d get from FIFA Street.

It’s been a while since EA released a Street Football game, and they’ve been working on a new strategy.  Gone are the cartoony visual of the previous series, and in is a more realistic game utilising the FIFA 12 game engine.

But this more realistic game lacks a little in the visual department and the gameplay is certainly not just a jump in and play style game.  Street Football is played on pitches of varying sizes and locations, but for the most part are small affairs with small teams, but never a huge amount of room to move around in.  This puts more of an emphasis on ball control and tricks rather than passing and setting up shots.

There’s even a mode when you build up points and then secure them by kicking a goal.  I lost such a mach by scoring more goals, but with less fancy footwork than my opposing team.  I was suitably gutted.

As with any EA sports game, FIFA Street comes with several game modes, including the all important career mode.  Whilst all these game modes worked well, but for a few visual glitches with collisions and such, the game just didn’t grab me.  It left me wanting for wide open expanses and the ability to run and pass.

This doesn’t mean that FIFA Street is bad, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Even if EA are trying to cash in on the popularity of FIFA 12, FIFA Street in reality is suited to a much different market.  In much the same way that boxing fans probably hate MMA, Football fans may not like Street.  But this doesn’t mean that Street isn’t a great game, it’s just designed for a different audience.

if you want the best football game around, go for FIFA 12, if you want to get back to the grassroots of football, lean a few tricks and play on compact playing-fields, then Street is for you.

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