Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 starts the way it intends to continue, by giving you a choice. Do you play the role of the first game’s protagonist, Corvo Attano, or his daughter Emily Kaldwin? I chose the later as I like seeing strong female characters in video games.

Choices aren’t merely a gimmick in Dishonored 2, they affect the way the game plays out, and gives you an immense amount of freedom and equal opportunities for massive satisfaction or frustration as your attempts at stealth demand high levels of attention!

The games diversity of play also comes from both playable characters different possible skill sets, whilst they share some of the same skills, they both have their uniqueness. Adding to the depth of gameplay options to this game of supernatural ability, is the fact that you can play the game without having any powers – though it would take a very brave gamer to do so.

The immense depth of possibilities in Dishonored 2 is astounding, and gives the game much replay value.

Dishonored 2 however is probably, for most players, going to be played through using whatever powers they can get their hands on. And this too is where choices come into play. Which powers do you choose first, and which ones do you improve. Because to increase your powers you have to do certain things, hunt for certain items, go off the central mission and get lost in the world.

Help people, kill people, avoid people. Dishonored 2 places you in a fantastic world, carrying on it’s own unique visual style that brings to life this semi steam punk alternative world and places you as (if you choose Emily) as the rightful ruler who has been branded a traitor and forced to live a life in the shadows as you try and figure out how to regain your rightful place.

I don’t say things like this lightly, but Dishonored 2 is an amazing game that is sheer delight to play. Getting lost in the world is easy and you’ll find yourself loosing many many hours of your time. The storyline is engaging and the environments just beg to be explored. Combat flows nicely and when coupled with your powers makes for some intense action as you have to decide on the spot to stay and fight or run for your life, regrouping to fight again or look for a more stealthy path.

Rating: R16 Contains violence.




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