Days Gone Collector’s Edition And Release Date

MightyApe has just announced the Collector’s Edition and a release date for the anticipated it’s-not-a-zombie-game, zombie game Days Gone.

Bikers and Freakers…

After the pandemic!

Take on the role of former outlaw biker Deacon St. John: a drifter, a bounty hunter, a wandering vestige of humanity. In a world devastated by a global pandemic St. John eschews the ‘safe’ wilderness encampments set up by mankind’s last survivors and takes his chances on the broken roads.

Set against the scarred, volcanic backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, Days Gone invites you to explore a world ravaged by degenerate human monsters known only as Freakers. Fight your way across the desolate landscape in search of supply, resources and, above all else, a reason to go on.

Days Gone Collector’s E­dition includes:

Days Gone PlayStation 4 Game Days Gone Statue by Gentle Giant Steelbook™ case 6 x Days Gone Collector’s Pins Physical & Digital Art Book by Dark Horse Comics Physical & Digital Original Soundtrack Days Gone Patch 4 x Decals

Digital Content:

Monkey Wrench Skill Early Unlock Three Drifter Bike Skins

Days Gone Dynamic Theme

Days Gone will release in New Zealand on 26th April 2019.


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