Crysis 3

Call me old school, but I do like my shooters grounded in a sense of reality.  It just makes things more believable (not because I want to believe that I’m capable of mass murder) and easier to jump in and play.  So I’m already on the back foot as I slip Crysis 3 into my XBox.  I will be taking a tour through any training the game has to offer.  And it does offer.

Once the training is done it’s onto the game proper, and the world of Crysis 3 is a beautifully rendered world, the cut scenes and voices are spectacular.  You start off boarding a ship of some sorts which will eventually lead you to a bio-dome of New York city.  Well a dystopian relic of New York City, complete with Jurassic Park style raptors and giant gun emplacements.  It’s not a human friendly place to be.

But then you’re not entirely human.  You’re an augmented super soldier with plenty of upgradable skills.  You can activate a cloaking device or a armor force field depending on your current needs.  Though both will last for only a short time before requiring regeneration.  Then you have your googles, handy to help spot the raptors in the long grass and take them out from a distance.

The best weapon you’ll have in your arsenal is your bow, but use it wisely as it has limited ammo, and if you start having fun with it you’ll soon be out and forced into using good old lead projectiles.

The trouble is, for an old school gamer like me, that you’ve got so many options it’s all to easy to hit the wrong button and instead of re-loading your weapon or changing to one with ammo, you’ll find yourself putting your heat vision on and off as you frantically look for cover feeling the impact of every bullet the enemy soldiers are gleefully pumping into you.

The environments are nice, the gameplay (other than button confusion) is smooth and it all just feels right.  Crysis 3 is a solid third person shooter with the novelty of a host of gadgetry if that’s your thing.

I wasn’t game enough to fire up the multiplayer though, I just knew button confusion would ruin my day and I’d have some spotty American kid t-bagging my dead by whilst mocking me though my Turtle Beach headset.


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