Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons is a simple but effective adventure games that sees you controlling two bothers as they set out in search of a cure for their near to death father. What makes Brothers interesting is that unlike other multi-character adventures, where you swap between characters, you get to control both brothers at the same time. With the simple control mechanisms of the left thumb stick and left trigger controlling one brother and the right thumb stick and right trigger controlling the other brother.

It sounds pretty simple in theory, but it’s a mechanic that takes a bit of getting used too. I often found that if I had the brothers on opposite sides for the screen from their corresponding thumb sticks, I lost all ability to perform even the simplest of tasks! But whist this was at times frustrating, it was also fun and more importantly, changeling.

Like many adventures games, Brothers lets you storm you way through the main storyline without worrying about what’s going on around you, but it’s the beauty and depth that the developers have written into the game that makes it such an experience. Blaze through the game and you’ll miss out on half the fun, from helping out animals to saving peoples lives. Some times you’ll get rewarded, other times you’ll just get the satisfaction of helping or saving somebody. You’ll also get to know the brothers better and learn their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Weather you choose the quick play through or the scenic route, co-operation is the key to solving puzzles, for the majority of the challenges, each brother will have a task to do, which means you have to master the twin stickery!

The artwork and interactions ooze charm and help to make Brothers one of the most enjoyable and memorable games on XBLA since The Walking Dead.

Rating: M



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