Brand-New Screenshot For The Division

Ubisoft Massive may have torn New York to shreds in its upcoming third-person MMO shooter, but it doesn’t mean that The Big Apple is any less impressive or imposing.

There’s a sniper at the forefront with what looks like night-vision attachments mounted on the scope, and a clear patch on said sniper’s upper arm that surely refers to the team she’s on. Don’t forget, in The Division you’ll battle other players in the online-persistent world for control of the city.

Most intriguing is the list at the bottom right, scribbled on a road sign saying “We are immune” with a list of names underneath. The resolution’s a little low to pick out the names underneath, except for ‘Danuk’ and ‘acmona’.

Disturbingly, there are piles and piles of bodies in the background, most likely due to the man-made virus that’s torn the city asunder.



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