BluRay Review: The Call Up

When a group of top ranked on-line gamers are sent an invitation to test out new cutting edge gaming tech, they automatically jump at the offer. Once arriving at the specified location and adorning the virtual reality body suits they are immersed into a frighteningly realistic combat simulator, when you actually feel the pain of getting shot.

Pretty soon however this group of strangers – who also happen to be loners – realize that this is not just some testing ground for new technology, but a sick game of life and death. If you die in game, the suit you are wearing kills you. If you try and leave the game, the suit kills you. The only way to survive is to complete the game alive.

The Call Up is an interesting concept that works well in places, but is hamstrung by cardboard cut out characters and a nonsensical ending.

Rating: R16 Violence & offensive language.



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