BluRay Review: Fear The Walking Dead Season One

I’m not a fan of the TV show The Walking Dead. If anything it gets me mad rather than entertained. That’s becasue I’m a fan of the original graphic novels, and the TV show keeps getting things wrong, ya know! I also enjoyed the series of novels which were set in the world of Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse. Hell, I even enjoyed TellTale’s game.

So when it was announced that AMC were producing a spin off series, Fear The Walking Dead that focused on the events of the outbreak and followed a different group of survivors in a different part of the country, and starring our own Cliff Curtis, I was pretty damned excited.

However it didn’t come up all smelling like roses…

The single biggest disappointment with Fear The Walking Dead is that it’s only six episodes long. The show kicks off with a couple of killer episodes as we witness the rise of the dead and society panicking. Then we get stuck in an army safe zone where things slow down, before the last episode which sets up a pretty shaky premise for season two.

Fear The Walking Dead has huge potential. It’s got some great characters, along with a couple you’re just wanting zombies to chow down on. The six episode debut season gives you a taste of what could be, and it leaves you wanting more which is good. It’s all original storyline so there are no sacred cows to ruin it, but the ending left me a little uneasy.

Don’t get me wrong, these six episodes are not to be missed for any Walking Dead or general zombie fan, it’s just that I saw more of a journey story than has been presented or hinted at. But I’m still hopeful that season two can build on the solid foundations already laid.

Rating: R16 Violence and horror.




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