BluRay Review: Blindspot Season 1

A duffel bag is dropped off at Times Square with a tag that reads CALL THE FBI on it. The policeman that notices it, does just that and soon Times Square is void of people save for the sole bomb squad member, slowly approaching the bag. He must have shat his pants when the bag started to move, and slowly out comes a beautiful (aren’t all TV women beautiful?) naked woman emerges with her body totally covered in tattoos. The most prominent of which is the name of FBI Agent Kurt Weller. The last time someone had a body full of ink like this was Prison Break.

This time however, the cryptic clues hidden in the ink help the FBI prevent all manner of crimes, terrorist attacks and such. And this is what each episode revolves around, individual tattoos and where it leads the team. The bigger picture however is about a shadowy organisation hell bent on bringing down what they see as a corrupt system within the FBI. What’s worse is that the beautiful woman looks like she could very well be Kurt’s childhood sweetheart, who went missing presumed killed back when they were both kids.

Blindspot is am action driven police crime drama with an interesting story arch that will keep you hooked in until the very last episode, with plenty of unexpected twists throughout.

The FBI team that the show is focused on is a diverse bunch with great chemistry that they viewer instantly connects to, which also helps make Blindspot one of the best new TV shows to come out on DVD this year.

Rating: R16/strong> Violence & content that may disturb.




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